1991 Main Street

  • 1991 Main Street


1991 Main Street is slated to have two 10 story apartment buildings that will include 420 apartments, renovation of the existing parking structure and new commercial retail spaces on Mains Street and Links Avenue. Scope of Work: Osprey Consulting was awarded an initial contract to manage the permitting and selection of the demolition contractor for the demolition of the existing 1991 Mall. Osprey Consulting developed scopes of work for demolition subcontractors to bid and managed the process of awarding the subcontract and working with the Subcontractor to gain all required permits and utility disconnects with FPL, TECO, Verizon and the City of Sarasota. Demolition began in mid-September and Osprey Consulting is responsible for coordination with the subcontractor to assure that work is completed in a safe and professional way to protect the community and all trades on the project site. Scope includes monthly pay application reviews, schedule reviews and monitoring of the demolition process to assure that the garage and Hollywood 20 remains in operation. Phase II of this agreement has been executed and Osprey Consulting has been retained to assist in finalizing the selection of the Construction Manager and working with the design team to finalize the permit sets for submission later this year. Once the CM is selected Osprey Consulting will provide Owner Representation during construction.
Owner  – Paxton Kinol, Balpointe REIT
Architect – Greg Marinelli, Humphreys & Partners
Local Architect – Chris Gallagher, Hoyt Architects
Demolition Subcontractor– Michael Forristall, Forristall Enterprises
Construction Manager – TBD